As part of East End Prep’s mission, our goal is that 100% of our students will be proficient or advanced in all subjects before entering high school. We will continue to improve our practices every year to better serve our students every year until our goals are achieved.

2018-2019 TN Ready Results

  • East End Prep scholars performed above both the district and state average in Math, and performed above the district average in English Language Arts.
  • In middle school, 93% of scholars who took Algebra I scored on-track or mastered — more than triple the district average.
  • In Social Studies, East End Prep scholars performed in the top 20% of schools in the state.
  • Our Black and Hispanic scholars scored higher than 70% of Black and Hispanic scholars in the state in math, and higher than 67% in English Language Arts.
  • Our middle school scholars scored in the top 10 of middle schools in the city in ELA and in math.

We are proud of our scholars’ achievements and we know they are capable of performing with the top schools in the state. This year we are laser focused on building a warm-demanding student culture with high academic expectations to help our scholars reach their fullest potential.

EEP’s Shelly Gaughan Wins Milken Educator Award

On Thursday, October 25th, the entire East End Prep community, along with board members and TN Commissioner of Schools Dr. McQueen witnessed Kindergarten teacher Shelly Gaughan win the Milken Educator Award and a $25,000 gift. Gaughan is one of 40 national Milken Educator Award 2018-19 winners, which is one of the most prestigious awards in teaching,  meant to recognize excellence in teaching across the country.

You can learn more about Ms. Gaughan and the Milken Educator Awards here: Milken Educator Awards: Shelly Gaughan Profile