With a positive mindset and a commitment to encouraging academic as well as character growth, we approach every day with possibility and support for our scholars, ourselves, and each other.


Jim Leckrone

School Director

Renee Meza Murphy

Director of Operations

Caroline Rhodes

Director of Talent & Communications

Austin Moag

Principal Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Katie Broderick

Principal 4th - 6th Grade

Lawrence Haywood

Dean of School Culture & Families

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Dean of Culture Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

Bianca King

Associate Dean of Culture

Yasmine Woods

Special Projects Coordinator

Kiandra Young

Dean of Social & Emotional Learning

Sarah McCollum

Associate Dean of Culture 4th - 6th Grade

Abby Barton

Dean of Curriculum & Instruction Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Brittnee Kennedy

Dean of Curriculum & Instruction Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Arlyn Gilmore

Dean of Curriculum & Instruction 3rd - 6th Grade

Michelle Prinzo

Dean of Curriculum & Instruction 3rd - 6th Grade

April Welch


Hangama Wahidi

Office Manager


Gaughan, Shelly

Lead Teacher | University of Tennessee

Tibbs, Emily

Associate Teacher | University of Tennessee

Hasenmueller, Anna

Lead Teacher | University of Washington

Lipscomb, Melanie

Associate Teacher | University of Washington

Jones, Alex

Lead Teacher | MTSU

Sandwith, Denney

Associate Teacher | MTSU

Martindale, Brooke

Lead Teacher | CSUN

Legan, Stephanie

Associate Teacher | CSUN

Johnson, Tiffany

Associate Teacher | CSUN

First Grade

Smith, Danielle

Lead Teacher | SUNY - Oneonta

Harnish, Courtney

Associate Teacher | SUNY - Oneonta

Garrett, Macie

Lead Teacher | University of Texas

Robinson, Jon

Associate Teacher | University of Texas

Arnold, Stacey

Lead Teacher | Lipscomb University

Gutierrez, George

Associate Teacher | Lipscomb University

Holder, Corrine

Lead Teacher | Elon University

Weber, Alicia

Associate Teacher | Elon University

Second Grade

Montgomery, Caroline

Lead Teacher | Vanderbilt University

Fletcher-Tyson, Ayana

Lead Teacher | Vanderbilt University

Dale, Caroline

Associate Teacher | Vanderbilt University

Simpkins, Kelley

Lead Teacher | Belmont University

Bruner, Nicole

Associate Teacher | Belmont University

Tyminski, Ashley

Lead Teacher | University of Florida

Dailey, Alexis

Associate Teacher | University of Florida

Johnson, Miche'le

Lead Teacher | OBU

Kinney, Sarabeth

Associate Teacher | OBU

Third Grade

James, Lexie

Lead Teacher | University of San Diego

Sellers, Rachel

Associate Teacher | University of San Diego

Austin, Katie

Lead Teacher | Auburn University

Ladd, Amber

Associate Teacher | Auburn University

Dale, Stuart

Lead Teacher | Appalachian State University

Lapple, Andy

Associate Teacher | Appalachian State University

Milam, Jay

Lead Teacher | Miami Ohio University

Sisney, Jamiah

Associate Teacher | Miami Ohio University

Fourth Grade

Kohlmoos, Eva

Lead ELA Teacher | University of Virginia

Etter, Ciera

Associate ELA Teacher | 4th Grade ELA

Cooch, Mary Katherine

Lead ELA Teacher | University of Alabama

Servinsky, Laura

Lead Math Teacher | University of Michigan

Williams, Leslye

Associate Math Teacher | University of Michigan

Thompson, Sandi

Lead Science Teacher | Howard University

Acampora, Heidi

Lead Social Studies Teacher

Fifth Grade

Johnson, Yasmine

Lead ELA Teacher | Tennessee State University

Cash, Chelsea

Associate ELA Teacher | 5th Grade ELA

Norman, Mindie

Lead ELA Teacher | University of Miami

Hopper, Mehgan

Lead Math Teacher | Penn State University

Harmon, Demarkcus

Associate Math Teacher | Penn State University

Bury, Elizabeth

Lead Science Teacher | University of Colorado

Rivera, Daniel

Lead Social Studies Teacher

Sixth Grade

Kirk, Taylor

Lead ELA Teacher | University of Wisconsin

Fennegan, Kristin

Lead ELA Teacher | Furman University

Sunderlin, Kristen

Lead Math Teacher | Elizabethtown College

Barksdale, Nichelle

Associate Math Teacher | Elizabethtown College

Salls, Jonathan

Lead Science Teacher | Indiana University

Waldow, Meghan

Lead Social Studies Teacher | Seton Hall University

Seguin, Kevin

Associate Teacher

Related Arts

Staples, Jennifer

Art Teacher

Womack, Meghan

Music Teacher

Fields, Emily

Physical Education Teacher

Jones, Crystal

Physical Education Teacher

Student Support Services

Seguin, Claire

Lead Special Education Teacher

Barnes, Lindsey

Lead Special Education Teacher

Guinane, Liz

Lead Special Education Teacher

Guest, Kristin

Lead Special Education Teacher

Casey, Megan

Associate Special Education Teacher

Venable, Amanda


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