With a positive mindset and a commitment to encouraging academic as well as character growth, we approach every day with possibility and support for our scholars, ourselves, and each other.


Jim Leckrone

School Director

Dr. Tianay Perrault

Elementary Principal Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Donna Smith

Elementary Principal 3rd - 5th Grade

Laura Servinsky

Middle School Principal

Caroline Rhodes

Director of Talent & Communications

Eva Kohlmoos

Director of Academics

Alana Teller

Director of Systems Administration

Claire Seguin

Director of Student Support Services

LaTarsha White

Dean of Culture Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Brandy Winton

Dean of Culture 3rd - 5th Grade

Dontayo Gage

Dean of Culture 6th - 8th Grade

Tori Rokicki

Dean of Social & Emotional Learning Kindergarten - 2nd grade

Jon Thompson

Dean of Social Emotional Learning 3rd - 5th Grade

Kiandra Young

Dean of Social & Emotional Learning 6th - 8th Grade & High School Transition Counselor

Meg Wing

Dean of Academics Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Literacy

Tiffany Johnson

Interim Dean of Academics Kindergarten - 2nd Grade STEM

Erin Trinidad

Dean of Academics 3rd - 5th Grade Humanities

Dr. Brittany Trapani

Dean of Academics 3rd - 5th Grade STEM

Laquesha Wilson

Dean of Academics 6th - 8th Grade Humanities

Kelsey Williams

Dean of Academics 6th - 8th Grade STEM

Antjuan Welch

Facilities & Transportation Manager

April Welch

Enrollment Manager

Hangama Wahidi

Business Manager

Shannon Stinson

School Nurse


Hayes, Jaquandria

Lead Teacher | University of Phoenix

McKenzie, Lauren

Lead Teacher | Texas Tech University

High, Janay

Associate Teacher | Texas Tech University

Gaughan, Shelly

Lead Teacher | University of Tennessee

Copeland, Jaleela

Associate Teacher | University of Tennessee

Peters, Lisa

Lead Teacher | Skidmore College

High, Justice

Associate Teacher | Skidmore College

First Grade

Smith, Danielle

Lead Teacher | Oneonta

Schenck, Alicia

Associate Teacher | Oneonta

Garrett, Macie

Lead Teacher | University of Texas

Moore, Jessica

Associate Teacher | University of Texas

Roper, JuDonna

Lead Teacher | University of Memphis

Brown, Ashlee

Associate Teacher | University of Memphis

Benson, Brooke

Lead Teacher | Seattle University

Beasley, Stephanie

Associate Teacher | Seattle University

Second Grade

Hays, Abbie

Lead Teacher | Auburn University

Bruner, Nicole

Associate Teacher | Auburn University

Tibbs, Emily

Lead Teacher | University of Kentucky

Guaman, Jorge

Associate Teacher | University of Kentucky

Chavez, Kevin

Interim Lead Teacher | MTSU

Settles, Bailey

Associate Teacher | MTSU

Pelletiere, Olivia

Lead Teacher | Vanderbilt University

Coleman, MyKia

Classroom Support Staff

Coleman, MyKesha

Classroom Support Staff

Third Grade

Fogle, Niki

Lead Teacher | Rollins College

Webb, Yolanda

Lead Teacher | NCCU

Breese, Samera

Associate Teacher | NCCU & Rollins

Hopper, Mehgan

Lead Teacher | Fisk University

Williams, Leslye

Lead Teacher | Fisk University

Lemon, Ashontae

Lead Teacher | GSU

Primm, Dameca

Associate Teacher | GSU

Fourth Grade

Holder, Destiney

Lead ELA Teacher | Ball State

Pruett, Morgan

Lead ELA Teacher | Howard University

Charles, Nora

Interim ELA Teacher | Howard University

Clare, CheVonne

Lead Math Teacher | TSU

Maphis, Marcus

Lead Math Teacher | Virginia Commonwealth University

Williams, Toyia-Nicole

Lead Social Studies Teacher

Thompson, Sandi

Lead Science Teacher

Brooks, Henry

Classroom Support

Fifth Grade

Anthony, Daria

Lead ELA Teacher | Grand Canyon University

Bernstein, Dan

Lead ELA Teacher | UTK

Grant, Tamara

Lead Math Teacher | UAB

Jenkins, Sydnee

Lead Math Teacher | FAMU

Wagner, Ticoria

Lead Social Studies Teacher

Potts, Hannah

Lead Science Teacher

Howard, Crystal

Classroom Support

Sixth Grade

Hill, McKinley

Lead ELA Teacher

Bennett, Jess

Lead ELA Teacher

McVay, Richard

Lead Math Teacher

Daugherty, Kajsa

Lead Science Teacher

Waldow, Meghan

Lead Social Studies Teacher

Hopper, Katie Ann

Associate Teacher

Seventh Grade

Peterson, Mary

Lead ELA Teacher

Edwards, Bronwyn

Lead ELA Teacher

Sisney, Jamiah

Lead Math Teacher

Garcia-Garcia, Damara

Lead Science Teacher

McCord, Dominique

Lead Social Studies Teacher

Carroll, Courtney

Associate Teacher

Garth, TyJuan

Classroom Support Staff

Eighth Grade

Kurtz, Noelle

Lead ELA Teacher

White, Jackie

Lead ELA Teacher

Cox, Burrus

Lead Math Teacher

Dudek, Paige

Lead Science Teacher

Kinzer, Andrea

Lead Social Studies Teacher

Student Support Services

Stephens, Randi

3rd - 5th Grade Reading Academic Specialist

Duke, Meggie

3rd - 5th Grade Math Academic Specialist

McQueen, Kimberlee

6th - 8th Grade Reading Academic Specialist

Sunderlin, Kristen

6th - 8th Grade Math Academic Specialist

Guest, Kristin

Lead Exceptional Education Teacher

Justusson, Terry

Lead Exceptional Education Teacher

McCue, Julia

Lead Exceptional Education Teacher

Schantz, Helen

Lead Exceptional Education Teacher

Rubi, Angelica

Lead Exceptional Education Teacher

Whitcomb, Claire

Lead Exceptional Education Teacher

Simpkins, Kelley

Lead English Language Learner Teacher

Hayden, Jordan

Associate Exceptional Education Teacher

Shaw, Mia

Associate Exceptional Education Teacher

Jackson, Heidi

Associate Exceptional Education Teacher

Lanthier, Megan

Associate Exceptional Education Teacher

Winfrey, Lavoris

Associate Exceptional Education Teacher

Related Arts

Gamble, Dr. Victoria

Art Teacher

Anderson, Jeffery

PE Teacher

Harris, Joseph

PE Teacher & Asst. Athletic Director

Jordan, Gershom

PE Teacher & Athletic Director

Fields, Emily

PE Teacher

Jones, Crystal

Theater Teacher

Love to learn? Believe in high expectations? Ready to hone your skills in a supportive community?