We balance rigorous academics and high standards with joy and a loving community to create an inspiring culture that drives high achievement for scholars, teachers, and families.

Our Mission

East End Preparatory School prepares students for college degree completion and success in the competitive world and beyond through academic excellence and cultivating habits of the mind that promote strength of character and intellect.

Our Vision

Success is not only defined by academics but by holistic child development. East End Prep’s approach combines excellence in academics, character and virtues, the arts, and sports to provide an unmatched education in preparation for college and beyond.

Our Values


We promote a pure love of learning in a happy, inspirational, motivational, and focused environment.


The success of our scholars is directly linked to the quality of our teachers and staff, and the leadership habits embedded in our curriculum.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously assess our methods, results, and approach, so that teachers and scholars achieve better and reach higher every day.


We are one team, one family. Our scholars 
learn the importance their actions have on others, instilling deep responsibility for the greater good.


At East End Prep, you’re family. We depend on your active participation to ensure your scholar’s success both inside and outside the classroom.


Background does not define success. We believe every scholar can achieve great things with high-quality instruction and a supportive learning environment.

We teach habits of success.

From day one, scholars are introduced to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People through the Leader in Me program. These habits serve to guide scholars in their leadership development and cultivates long term habits of success.

East End Prep’s Commitment to Anti-Racism

Our goal is to transform East End Prep to an anti-racist organization that lives and breathes inclusivity every day. We aim to disrupt the status quo and influence long term societal change by providing a world class education. Our scholars will become leaders in positively impacting our communities and nation.

Guiding Principles

  • The work of anti-racism is the work of becoming better humans to other humans.
  • Lean into Conflict: We commit to embracing different perspectives, conflict and the uncomfortableness of this work. We stick with difficult conversations (i.e., stay in them, or come back to them when emotionally supported).
  • We understand that this isn’t a problem that we’ll fix in a day. This is a lifelong commitment.
  • The work of becoming an anti-racist organization is inherently tied to our mission as a school, one cannot be done without the other.
  • The work of becoming an anti-racist organization will make us a stronger, more unified team for our kids and families.

East End Prep Leadership

Our team of administrators and faculty live out our core values every day, put scholars first, and always strive to provide the best instruction, support, and environment for the families we serve.